Via, the latest on the Dagenham Dock DLR extension and Thames Gateway Bridge projects.  Hazel Blears (one of the New Labour ministers Boris seems to be spending a lot of time with) is apparently getting involved in the issues around the Thames Gateway thrown up by Boris’s summary execution of the schemes, mainly around there now being no transport infrastructure improvement for the future inhabitants of the area.

Now, this could be spin, or it could be a clever game by Boris to shame the Government into forking out or it could be the umpteenth example of Boris’s habit of agreeing with everyone he meets and then doing what he wants regardless (see Boris Airport etc.).  Or, of course, it could be a realisation by both sides that a compromise is required.  This latter theory could explain why the reaction of central government was rather muted at the time.  See what you make of this:

Joe Montgomery, director general of regions and communities at the communities department, said that Blears and Johnson had met this week and agreed on the need for both the projects and were working together on a way to fund them. He said: “We all have an interest in the development of East London and beyond, and both the mayor and TfL are alive to the nature of opportunities on the schemes. But we can’t promise anything at this time.”

So, a very dim glimmer, but at least central government are taking an interest.  Also, since the workings of the Boris/New Labour partnership are something that’s fascinated me from the start, it’s something else to keep an eye on.

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