Well, after all the hints and suggestions that a third way of adapting the congestion charge Western Extension Zone (perhaps by reducing the operating hours), Boris is scrapping the whole thing, from 2010.  This, coupled with the cuts to TfL projects and the inability to find a measly £15m for the London Overground Clapham Junction extension, should put paid to any suggestion that Boris is interested in public transport (we’d already concluded that) but also proves that the green posing, Isobel Dedring notwithstanding, is just hogwash – the awful warning at the last TfL Board meeting of his absurd talk about the motor car being the great emancipator of women shows the reality behind the careful public spin – in a choice between the environment and the car, the car wins.  If the people of Kensington want the freedom to guzzle gas, pollute the air and clog up the streets, they get it.  If the people of Peckham want better public transport connections, they can get stuffed.  Boris is a Tory, serving the interests of Tories.  Who’d have guessed?

With the great timing of all these things, the TfL RSS feed is spamming me with more borough-specific change-a-few-words press releases, about the £168m in borough funding schemes.  Funny how there’s more money for that, too.

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