Via The F Word, this is disgraceful…

“Jenny Jones, Green Party Assembly Member, today forced London’s Mayor to admit that he will not deliver new rape crisis centres in London on the scale he promised in his manifesto.

Before being elected, the Mayor pledged to provide £744,000 a year to fund the one existing rape crisis centre in London, along with three more new centres. However, under questioning by Jenny at the London Assembly budget committee, the Mayor stated that he would only provide £233,000 a year.

“Increased support for the victims of rape was an important part of Boris Johnson’s pledge to Londoners to tackle crime if they elected him. Now he is in office, he has cut his proposal by more than £500,000. He may say that he can lever in funds from elsewhere, but unless long-term funding is assured, rape victims will continue to suffer from inadequate support.”

This wasn’t merely a manifesto pledge, it was a cause that Boris claimed to sincerely believe in. Before the election – in a letter to Liz Kelly, Chair of End Violence Against Women – he had bold words on the subject…

“The next Mayor of London must show leadership if we are to end this crime…It is absolutely evident that we must be doing more to help, support and promote the assistance that is given to women…If I am fortunate to be elected on 1st May, this matter will be a priority under my Mayoralty…Quite simply, I believe that it is more important to fund Rape Crisis Centres than press officers.”

So, that’s the funding cut, the action plan delayed, Capitalwoman cancelled

Is there a pattern here by any chance?

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