Not being a journalist, probably not being welcome and definitely have two sets of builders and a day’s work on my plate, I’m not going to be able to follow the competition results too closely, but Dave Hill is coming over all Web 2.0 on us and twittering away.  News so far is that there are two main winners and Capoco have won something.

I also heard through my extensive connections in the industry (arf) that a friend’s son had won one of the prizes, but due to the embargo placed on it I can’t say who or what, even if I knew.  It’ll be interesting to see if I can get an interview before Gilligan does.

Update via Dave at 9:57:

Joint winners are capoco and aston martin/fosters!

Update at 10:10

Standard is leading with it.  Yes, the Evening Boris was updated before the TfL website, but after Boris Watch.

Update via Dave at 10:21

Yes, there will be conductors

That would fund a few rape crisis centres, eh?

Update at 10:27

Still nothing on the TfL website.  The competition has had the odd effect of bunging £25,000 of TfL’s money to a luxury car maker and an incredibly rich architect (‘fosters’ is Lord Foster, as it turns out).

Update at 10:36


The Capoco submission was praised for its technical excellence, in particular its light-weight structure and hybrid propulsion.

It also had a separate door for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The bus would seat 66 passengers with room for 14 standing, compared with 72 seats and five standing on the old Routemaster.

Pathetic capacity, then.  2 crew for 80 against 1 crew for 120 on a bendy, and far fewer seats downstairs – I can count 20, which is less than a normal double-decker, in fact it’s less than a midibus.  That’ll be value-for-money, Boris.  I strongly suspect that it’s markedly longer than the RML, too, with the extra door.

Update at 10:39

Standard is trying to pretend that everyone wants it back.  That’s, what, half an hour or so and they’ve managed to obtain the images, show them to a few random members of the public, get the responses and put them on a page?  Yeah, right.

Update at 11:03

TfL’s pages are updated, and look horrible.  Check them out.  Noteworthy – there’s no picture of the winning design, but a big picture of, er, Boris.  Vanity, vanity, vanity.

Update at 11:12

The BBC has updated their coverage, going for the ‘Aston Martin Bus’ angle.  I can see why the Standard chose the back end and side view of the buses, they are indeed both as ugly as sin from the front.  Given that modern buses are mostly quite attractive, particularly the Wright Gemini 2, which I’d personally go to bed with, was this really the best they could come up with?  The first Standard comments are from myself and Mark Lee, I’m delighted to say.  Eat my dust, Gilligan.

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