Dave Hill’s take on Antony Browne’s Stalinesque recantation of his previously expressed ideology.  Read it, its implications go far beyond mere issues of personnel in London and into the dark heart of the right-wing noise machine, where Boris Johnson found so much comfort and employment.  Dave correctly calls the Alton-era Observer for being basically a left-wing branded version of the same shit, which is something that can’t be said often enough – it’s truly ghastly.  Notably, Ken-hating Observer man Nick Cohen warmly welcomed Browne as the ‘new man to fight political correctness’ in, er, the Evening Standard.  This, in effect, is one journalist praising another, but now that Browne is saying he didn’t believe it anyway, where does this leave Cohen’s praise?  The problem with the Dictatorship of the Commentariat, as we’ve seen with Boris, is that you can’t trust anything they ever write, since they’re always singing for their supper.  This doesn’t, to me, suggest they make great appointments to public office – quite the reverse.

Also note that Andrew Boff AM, a London borough Tory, thinks that the Policy Exchange/Spectator nuts are too extreme, which they are – their ideology has much more to do with neoconservatism than conservatism, not least because it involves a lot of people who are at least officially ‘left-wing’, like Cohen, Gilligan (and arguably Munira Mirza) who use this as cover to divide the left and infiltrate the right.  I wish I knew what they were really up to, but I take a certain amount of comfort from two things – Boris can’t spot decent staff and neocons are *always* incompetent.

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