Three more found this evening, two worth reading, one worth shouting at:

The Political Animal takes the view (which I share) that the constraints of the competition militated *against* good design, since everyone assumed Boris wanted a kind of pumped-up Routemaster.  He also has a good go at Gilligan’s latest, which I haven’t even bothered reading yet.

Boris’ key offence for Mr Gilligan is the heinous crime of leaving transport professionals in charge of running London’s transport system.

Top stuff.  Obviously Boris should employ crap journalists or inexperienced Tories like he does for everything else.  Next Jon Worth, who I confess I haven’t read before, but with a title like ‘Boris bus bollocks’ he’s making a good impression already:

The buses are to be on the streets by 2011. Not. A. Hope. Here’s why.

Jon, a man after my own heart, talks in engineering terms, which is better than the stylish guff Fosters came out with.  Let’s talk in terms of chassis, overhang, ground clearance, power instead.  Jon, and this is key, understands that good engineering is always evolutionary (a topic I intend to work up for my delayed guest post at Dave Hill’s) and if the numbers don’t add up, it’s a boondoggle no matter how glitzy the presentation.

Now for the booby prize – LondonUnlocked, which I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned here before, is a rather odd site that uses the same layout engine as Mayorwatch.  It claims to be ‘apolitical’ but cites Phil Taylor as a source, thinks the Thames Estuary airport might just work and, bizarrely admires Gilligan:

Perhaps the best article on the competition has to be Andrew Gilligan’s latest in the Evening Standard:

Hmm.  Really.  Naturally they think the RM competition is good news for cyclists.  Eh?  They do seem to exist in their own bubble, so I’ve dropped them a note.  Let’s see what they have to say.

Finally, Val Shawcross puts it very well:

There is understandably a lot of nostalgia for the old Routemaster but nostalgia doesn’t get people to work on time.

Exactly.  Funny, given the Borisesque daftness at the DfT, that it takes a Labour politician to try and drag the Mayor back to considering the transport system as a system for providing transport, not a backdrop for people to take pictures of Boris Johnson.

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