I was looking the original proposals that Boris seems to be examining and I’ve found it – Marinair it’s called.  Bit worrying their website is illustrated by a DC-10, which is a) obsolete and b) notorious for crashing.  The illustration of a train is a diesel Class 180 DMU, which was fairly notorious for unreliability, which is why there are only 14 of them.  Nice to ride in, though.

Anyway, it contains the usual grandiose scheme website boilerplate such as:

The Thames Estuary Airport Company Limited has received a firm commitment for financial backing to fund the construction of the entire project, including associated rail and road infrastructure.

Reckon?  After the last year’s upheavals?

The scheme is promoted by one ‘R J Crocker’, which coincidentally-or-not is the name of a civil engineering practice in the Boris Borough of Bromley.  What a coincidence.

Of course, there’s no direct evidence that Boris is examing precisely this plan, but it’s notable that the site plan [PDF] on the website shows the airport placed due east of the farthest point of Boris’s Incredible Voyage today.

In short, this looks rather like another of the common website + lines-on-a-map + monomaniac schemes littering the net, such as we saw with the MonoMetro thing.  For some reason they appeal to engineering-light Tories, possibly because they’re usually puffed by right-wingers, or because they put far too much credit on willpower rather than actually knowing what you’re doing.

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