Considering what they did to his predecessor, Boris might be worried about what Dispatches are planning on his Island scheme, but then again on that basis it might be a puff piece, we’ll just have to see, particularly if they get a certain  Mr. Gilligan to present this one as well.

Also while we’re at it, Derek Wyatt MP appears not to be a fan of what he calls ‘Tory Airport’ – check his Transport news page.  Of course, this is more of a local than a party thing – his parliamentary colleague Nick Raynsford was out there with Boris today.  Unsurprisingly Wyatt is in favour of the third runway at Heathrow.

Of course, given the local Labour MP’s opposition, the local Conservatives are loyally… giving Boris the finger:

Quite frankly this proposal is now dead in the water. Boris can carry out as many feasibility studies as he likes, but the result is going to be the same each time. Not only is this project environmentally unaccepted, but the enormous costs involved make it unfeasible for one very good reason.

‘What people do not realise is that it is the airline industry that would be expected to pay for any new airport and BATA have made it quote clear that its members are not prepared to play ball. So Boris Island is a dead duck before it’s even been hatched.’
All of which has made absolutely no impression on the listening Mayor:
Today’s trip has reaffirmed in my mind that a new airport in the Thames estuary has got to be factored in as an option for London’s long-term aviation needs.  I am reassured by a number of aspects of this visit and will now eagerly await Doug Oakervee’s initial feasibility study.
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