Tory Troll has an interesting, if slightly unbelievable (considering how much of a hole it would shoot in his greenwash and carefully cultured bike user/value-for-money image), story about Boris (update – TT says it’s his team, not the Mayor, and is sticking by it – see comments) wanting an official car.  What’s more interesting is the spluttering denial it provoked:

“The Mayor has no intention whatsoever of acquiring an official car and has never wanted one. He cycles everywhere he possibly can, and if he cannot he happily uses public transport or very occasionally a taxi.”

So bike, public transport or taxi.  Which one of these was he using to go and light the Chanukah candles last year when this famous incident took place:

He said he was a “victim of this wretched system only the other day” when he drove to light the Hanukkah Menorah in a ceremony at Trafalgar Square on December 22.

Mr Johnson, who often rides his bicycle around the capital, said: “I forgot to pay and then ‘bing’! I got the £60 fine which I have just coughed up.”

Perhaps an official car might include an official driver officially tasked with reminding the Mayor to pay his own congestion charge?  Might have a chance of covering the costs that way.

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