While conducting one of my periodic trawls of the TED OJEU website I noticed that the bus tender results from last year have been posted.  Since the TfL page was stuck for a long time on 25/9/2008 I checked back there and sure enough they’ve updated that as far as the 18th December.  However, there’s a bit missing there.  According to the Bus Forum, there were two ‘tranches’ of tenders announced on the 18th, 274 and 279, but only the latter is on there.  Before that, there was a certain announcement on the 5th December about tranches 273 and 276, which is still completely missing from the TfL tender page.

In other words, TfL’s page has been updated, and OJEU officially notified about the tender results, but the bendy replacements along with a bunch of others haven’t yet been done.  How odd.  I wonder if there’s still some deal-making going on – there’s a rumour that all three routes will be delayed towards the latter end of the year because buses are going to have to be acquired for those routes.  Well, it’s one way of stimulating the economy, I suppose, but why not use them to provide better service on routes?

As for what I was looking for, the Routemaster OJEU notice, nothing doing.  I did find this one though:

TfL are seeking to place a contract to procure the services of a relocations company for the removals and recycling of a specific phased move of 1 800 staff to North Greenwich.

No idea what that’s about.

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