Boris Johnson has been giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, saying he talked to David Cameron at 3pm on the day of Damian Green’s arrest.  Not content with this, he then decided to give some different evidence, adding a phone call at 12pm.  Which one’s right?  You decide – call 0800 WTF, calls charged at a billion pounds a minute.  Naturally the spin is in – he didn’t correct his evidence, 2+2 is 5 and apparently it’s Gordon Brown’s fault.

OK, Boris, what’s going on?  I suppose I’d better go to sources and find out what he said.  Remember, it’s never the original crime (and I’m not exactly a fan of the police over Damian Green), but the cover up that gets egoistical politicians who think that merely correcting reality so it give a better reflection on them isn’t lying, it’s just what the Recording Angel would want them to do (see past Boris indiscretions like getting the sack from the Times for making things up, getting the sack from the Tory front bench for lying, making things up about bendies killing cyclists (*thinks* – that means he *wanted* to believe that lots of cyclists were killed every year…)…

This may not go away immediately, Boris, since I think this kink in his character is a permanently operating factor, as Alex Harrowell would say.

[h/t Guardian]

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