Rebecca Hutson writes in Seven Magazine…

“It was therefore a welcomed relief when bumbling, politician Boris Johnson made rape crisis centres a central aspect of his mayoral manifesto, promising to pour £744,000 into the existing centres and build three more. He even went so far as to write to Liz Kelly, Chair of End Violence Against Women, stating: “The next Mayor of London must show leadership if we are to end this crime…It is absolutely evident that we must be doing more to help, support and promote the assistance that is given to women…If I am fortunate to be elected on 1st May, this matter will be a priority under my Mayoralty…Quite simply, I believe that it is more important to fund rape crisis centres than press officers.”

His plan was to fund these centres by making a 20% cut in the Mayor’s media and marketing team, or “GLA spin doctors” as he called them. In December Johnson backtracked on his electoral promise, delaying even a draft strategy for 11 months and incorporating rape into a broader (read: less effective) “Violence against Women” programme. With 180 rapes reported each month in London, and with three-month waiting lists to visit the one rape crisis centre, this is hardly compassionate conservatism.”

Now, as they somewhat didactically say, read the whole thing…

(H/T – Cath Elliot)

We’ve written several times on the Mayoralty’s failure to help rape victims and tackle violence against women. First Boris pledged, then he prioritised, then it was forgotten and quietly cut. You can contact him here if you feel strongly (or if you feel weakly but have a moment to spare, I mean it all adds up).

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