While we’re waiting for the online answers, here are a couple of choice questions:

1: Val Shawcross with her usual boot-in-groin moment:

Question number    0479/2009
Meeting date    25/02/2009
Question by Valerie Shawcross

Do you regret falsely claiming that bendy buses “wipe out cyclists, there are many cyclists killed every year by them”?

2: Ominous sounds – when Tories conduct ‘reviews’ they don’t normally conclude that things are just fine the way they are.

Question number    0464/2009
Meeting date    25/02/2009
Question by Valerie Shawcross

Please explain the scope objectives of the review of bus services being led by Stephen Norris

3: We’ve been interested in this for a while – bus drivers’ pay is fairly variable, and we know there’s a bendy premium but are unsure if the drivers will be asked to take a pay cut on debendification:

Question number    0460/2009
Meeting date    25/02/2009
Question by Valerie Shawcross

Please list the current rates of pay per hour for drivers on each bus route in London. Please give the Operators’ name for each route.

4: Attempt at getting Boris to admit that helping cyclists inevitably discriminates against motorists.  The removal of Boris’s cake-and-eat-it veneer is long overdue.  Watch this space.

Question number    0458/2009
Meeting date    25/02/2009
Question by Valerie Shawcross

Do you thinks that the creating of more bus lanes and the congestion charging zone have contributed to the increase in cycling in London since 2000 and why do you not mention these in your answer to question 75/2009

5: To prove this isn’t the Val Shawcross Show, here’s, er, Caroline Pidgeon:

Question number    0274/2009
Meeting date    25/02/2009
Question by Caroline Pidgeon

TfL Stakeholder Engagement Ref MH/T269/Stage 3/PAN/0109 contains the comment

“Stakeholders also requested that an express bus route be examined between Woolwich and Croydon. An express service would also duplicate the existing links and cannot be justified.” Of course an express service duplicates the link: to encourage modal shift from car to public transport, it provides a much faster, more direct and comfortable service between key destinations. Can you encourage TfL to grasp this concept ?

There are lots more where those came from – Shawcross on the phantom ‘Emergency Rail Summit’ and the phantom ‘No Strike Agreement’, Richard Tracey asking pertinent questions about bringing forward rail investement and identifying post-2014 rail capacity needs (thereby showing at least one Tory gets it – he was also very prominent in the ELLX Phase 2 campaign), Caroline Pidgeon asking about zonal fares on PAYG (i.e. will PAYG on National Rail cost the same as the equivalent Underground Zonal fare?  I suspect it won’t).  Finally Caroline Pidgeon asks a load of questions about Borisport.

We await the answers with bated breath…

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