On Ken Livingstone’s Saturday LBC show (which I listen to for the fatstock prices and to have communist propaganda beamed into my brain, obviously) Christian Wolmar was asked whether he had any ideas who would replace Tim O’Toole as London Underground MD.  He suggested that in the absence of an obviously outstanding candidate in the UK rail industry, the safest option would be to go internal and appoint current COO Howard Collins, who, suggested Wolmar, would be a good choice, if not in the same league as O’Toole.

On which note, Railway Eye have a short intriguing snippet saying:

***Howard Collins confirmed in post as London Underground Chief Operating Officer***

Misprint?  Confirmation that he’s staying at COO and someone else is coming in as MD?  All very mysterious.  Will Boris scout the world for a candidate or do the easy, safe thing?  We wait and see.

Update: Wolmar himself has written a tribute to O’Toole on his blog.

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