It’s amazing that some people still think that bendy buses are going to be directly replaced by Routemasters.  They’re not, of course, but, via the Bus Forum, we now have a steer on the amounts and types being ordered for the new operations later this year, which is another piece of data for our files:


  • 5 Wright ‘Gemini 2′ Diesel DD (Wood Green, later 38)
  • 57 Wright ‘Gemini 2′ Diesel DD for 38 [Euro V compliant, in service in November]
  • 18 Enviro 400s for 38

* 38 allocation to be DW201-262 + T66-83

507 and 521:

  • 49 Mercedes Citaros 12.0m for 507, 521

I make that 80 double deck buses for the 72 PVR 38 route plus 49 single deck buses for the 507 and 521 which have a combined PVR of 47.  Total of 129 new buses for absolutely no increase in the bus service.  Remarkable effort.  Note that the 38 order is split across two manufacturers (both of whom are looking at job cuts), presumably to speed delivery – I can’t think of a good reason why you’d do it otherwise.  This is the first time the 38 will ever have been operated by single door DOO double deckers, by the way.

Breaking it down by country of origin:

  • Scotland – 18 – 14%
  • Northern Ireland – 62 – 48%
  • Germany – 49 – 38%
  • England – 0 – 0%

Vielen Dank, then.  Doubtless the struggling German exporters will be pleased to hear that less than four years after buying 81 Citaro G articulated buses from Mercedes, London is going back for 49 more Citaros because we’ve decided we don’t like the bendy bit in the middle.  The rest of the bus is apparently completely fine for London use – they’ll look much the same and be much the same to travel in.  True, they’ll have 50% more drivers and cost more to run, but as far as the passenger is concerned the environment won’t change, assuming TfL and London General have done their sums right and they can get on.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying German buses – the Bendy Jihad is essentially a wail against fading Anglo-Saxon manhood, coupled with a rail against these masculinity-sapping European invaders pushing our beloved Routemasters off the road.  In these times a man needs to cling to his pole, not hand wads of money to Jerry, dammit.

Finally, as one prominent Bendy Jihadist claimed in 2007:

Bendy buses are miserable, inhuman and socialistic and should all be pensioned off to a Scandinavian airport.

This individual being Boris Johnson, of course, who will now preside over the introduction of nearly identical buses with the bend taken out.  Whether this removes whatever dark magic makes buses ‘miserable, inhuman and socialistic’ I have no idea.  You’d better ask Boris if he actually meant what he said.  He quite often doesn‘t, of course.

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