Just to illustrate that a certain Murphy appears to be benefitting from the Olympic millions, news that work at the Olympic site has cut through a main BT tunnel, badly damaging it and taking out TfL’s traffic light control systems, whose designers presumably haven’t heard of ‘diverse routing’.

The tunnel is 32 metres below the surface and is currently completely blocked, so any repair will be difficult and could take some days.

The outage has also created traffic problems in other parts of London because Transport for London cannot rephase its traffic lights.

The TfL website warns: “Various traffic signals sites across the London Area are not on computer control. As a result, delays may be experienced. Euston Road westbound is very slow moving from Marylebone flyover with tailbacks to Kings Cross.”

A spokeswoman for TfL said: “We were unable to rephase traffic lights over the weekend in response to congestion. Lights are still on local control but traffic is not too bad at the moment. BT are onsite now but have not yet given us an ETA for a fix.”

Might be worth checking the TfL traffic alerts microsite plus the various online traffic sites if you need to be somewhere.  TfL are certainly showing much more congestion in central areas than usual during CC charging hours.  Piccadilly Circus looks horrible.

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