I haven’t blogged in ages. All the action’s over on Twitter these days [although I think Tom’s the main tweeter through our account, for clarity], as this quick post perhaps shows.

The RMT’s calling yet another strike. Boris has tweeted:

Can’t believe the RMT leadership. Urging a strike in this economic climate is simply monstrous.

(Apparently it took him a couple of attempts to get the spelling of ‘monstrous’ correct.)

Anyway, this raises two obvious questions:

  1. Where’s Boris’s promised no-strike deal? The media reports sometimes touch on this in connection with strikes, but no-one ever actually seems to tackle him on it. Did he really mean this ridiculously unfulfillable pledge when he promised it before the election? If so, what’s happened? If not, why does he think it is OK to include lies in his manifesto?
  2. As Adam of Tory Troll has also tweeted, why, if Boris thinks the RMT needs to ‘get a grip’ rather than demanding a 5% pay rise, did Boris sign off a pay rise of 11% for the GLA’s chief executive? Leo Boland’s pay rocketed from £183k to £205k – which I make a 12% increase actually, so Unison are understating their case.

Questions on the latter topic are met with a stony silence from our new, transparent and accountable Mayor. But if he wants to be taken seriously in his denouncements of the RMT’s demands (which I agree are excessive) then he might want to try practising what he preaches – or, indeed, pledges.

Update: Adam has more on the latter on Tory Troll now.

P.S. On the Twitter front, I’m glad Ben grabbed us the Boriswatch username first. That other lot over on .com use their Boriswatchers account largely to spam people mentioning Boris!

Ben sneakily adds: And I think their twitterhawk’s bust…


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