The unions and Val Shawcross are pointing out that Boris’s ‘proudest achievement’ is another case of our beloved Emperor having omitted to get dressed in the morning.  How beastly of them:

The RMT’s Steve Hadley said: “They’ve brought it in without financing it properly, and brought it in without adequate staff, and to be quite honest it hasn’t really worked.

Labour’s transport lead on the London Assembly, Val Shawcross, said: “Boris says that the ban is his proudest achievement, but he has done nothing to make it work.

Indeed, falling crime on the tube was a fact of life anyway, I believe we said something along those lines at the time, so if you do nothing and it falls, you’ve not actually achieved it, have you?  What’s also interesting is that Kulveer Ranger has been shoved up front to respond to this:

The Mayor’s transport adviser, Kulveer Ranger, said: “We feel it’s been a good thing for Londoners, it has improved the environment on the Tube, there’s aren’t those empty cans and bottles of beer rolling around.

“It’s really about having a cleaner, safer environment for people to travel in,” he said.

Now, I’ve a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Ranger is a motorcyclist, so how much time does he actually spend travelling on public transport?  I’ve seen people drinking on the buses post-ban and have on a number of occasions seen empty cans rolling around, although obviously these days I’m looking out for them:

busbeerSo, Kulveer’s right, this particular can of Polish lager wasn’t rolling around the top deck of the bus, because someone had trodden it flat.

In any case, the main point about the ‘ban’ was that it was mistargetted – the problem is people already being drunk getting on trains, not people seeking out the refuge of a Tube carriage for a quick half.  If that’s declined in the last year it’s good news but possibly not surprising – fewer people are in the party mood these days, there’s a recession on.

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