Jon Snow interviewing Boris on C4 News.  I paraphrase slightly.

  • BoJo: I’m happy to meet Bob Crow at any time for a beer or whatever, as long as the RMT aren’t striking or in dispute
  • JoSno: So why haven’t you met them to discuss your manifesto committment to a no-strike agreement
  • BoJo: There’s never been a time when they’ve not been in dispute

Brilliant logic, of course.  By this, all Boris has to do is keep the RMT boiling and he never has to talk to them.

Now, where’s the flaw?  Ah, yes, if you need to negotiate, it’s usually because the current situation is unsatisfactory to one or both parties.  If you put a precondition that the situation has to be satisfactory before you start, I *think* your argument just disappeared up its own backside.

I’m not sure Boris has got the hang of industrial relations, not least because the messages are unclear – are the discussions between him and the RMT, or the RMT and LUL?  Bob Crow has a very weak case (borne out by the mostly incomplete shutdown of the network – plenty of people are working) but he’s making more of it by having Boris alternately abusing and wheedling to him in public appearances.  LU’s management must be tearing their hair out at the pair of them.

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