I thought ATOC (the industry group representing train operators) would have something to say about TfL’s loud and repeated conviction that Oyster PAYG was valid on all National Rail routes in London today.  ATOC and the train operators are adamant that they only agreed to a few tube-paralleling routes additional to the normal PAYG validity, like Feltham/Wimbledon-Waterloo and between the main Southeastern terminals at London Bridge, Blackfriars, Charing Cross and Cannon Street out to Elephant and Castle, and there are several other useful alternative routes where validity is doubtful.*

Railway Eye suggests this discrepency hasn’t gone down well:

ATOC is furious accusing TfL of having a problem “aligning fact with public statement”.

Always a Boris trait that, of course, but it’s a shame to see it spreading into TfL.

* Notably I don’t think there are any routes to Heathrow on which Oyster is valid at all during the strike, since BAA (thanks to a bit of early 90s Tory idiocy) own the tracks and aren’t technically National Rail.  Again, not the kind of thing people normally know.

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