Go on, guess?  No?  Well, it’s Doug Oakervee’s report on the feasibility, or otherwise, of the Boris Airport idea.  I’ve picked up nothing on this recently, but Murad Qureshi (and, to be fair, Val Shawcross and Darren Johnson, who got the same answer) tried last month:

Question number 1317/2009
Meeting date 21/05/2009

Question by Murad Qureshi

The feasibility study into the Thames Estuary Airport was due to be released at the end of March, but to date this has still not been made available. As Doug Oakervee has now stood down as Chair of Crossrail, presumably to focus on this work, when will his report now be published?

Answer by Boris Johnson

I know Doug Oakervee is working hard on completing this study and I look forward to receiving his report in due course. Rest assured, once I have further information on this study, Members will be informed

So, that’s another one on the not-quite-as-advertised-breathlessly-in-the-Standard list that goes:

  • No strike agreement with the Tube unions
  • Emergency Rail Summit
  • Oyster PAYG by May 2009
  • Debendifications on first contract expiry in June 2009
  • Openness and accountability (as measured by very long gaps between press conferences)
  • Has he launched the legal action against the Government promised ‘within weeks’ in January?

Any I’ve missed?  I’ll come to the Routemaster in a minute.

Update: I’d missed this one – here for the original story

Question by John Biggs

Who paid for the dredger you took out in the Thames Estuary to check its feasibility as an airport site?

Who paid for the lunch on board the dredger?

Answer by Boris Johnson

The dredger was making the trip as part of its normal activities, so there was no need for any hire fee to be paid or even waived.

Lunch was provided by Worldwide Deep Sea Mining, and has been declared, as was the value of the trip on the Eurostar from London to Ebbsfleet.

I’m not sure the dredger was doing much in the way of normal work when it did an out-and-back to the airport site – if memory serves it came in from the east (Holland?) and later went back up the East Coast, presumably to do some dredging.  I got the impression from the route that it was making a specific trip for the benefit of the airport fantasists.

Eurostar doesn’t normally allow set downs on outbound trains at Ebbsfleet, so that was a special, too.

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