OK, now we have the official word:

The Mayor said: ‘For far too long passengers on our Overground lines have suffered from crumbling, unreliable trains that were just not up to muster.

‘Every element on these brand spanking new trains has been crafted to meet the Capital’s needs and the standard of design will surprise even the most hardened traveller.

‘Air conditioning, walkthrough carriages and CCTV, combined with the completion of all the East London Line work by 2012, will revolutionise the London Overground network.’

I think our prediction wasn’t far off.

Update : The mischievous Railway Eye obviously has his reading glasses on today, as I’d missed this apparent howler:

London’s Transport Commissioner, Peter Hendy, said: ‘The new trains will play a vital role in providing transport for Olympic spectators and are a dramatic improvement on the trains we inherited.   ‘By 2011 we will be able to add a fourth carriage, increasing capacity by 50 per cent.

I suspect this is because the new trains are intended to carry 33% more people per carriage, or something, which gives a 50% increase moving from three car 313s to four car 378s.  Mostly standing, of course – I wasn’t joking about the bendy bus ambience (which there’s nothing wrong with, of course, the 378 design is essentially about swapping a suburban commuter service for a high-density metro to meet the massive increase in demand on the North London Line as well as the East London Line which was already a metro anyway).

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