From the BBC article about the Class 378 launch (which I suspect is rewritten from a press release):

Mayor of London Boris Johnson will unveil the first of the new £250m fleet in Willesden, west London.

Deputy Mayor of London, Kabir Das, said: “We want to increase capacity – and these brand new trains have been specially designed for our Overground in London.

Who?  The phrase ‘specially designed’ in conjunction with the Class 378s is used in TfL documents, so I can only assume it’s a very distorted way of saying ‘Transport Advisor Kulveer Ranger’, who’s gone up to Willesden with Boris today.  These Indians with their funny names, eh?  It does show again, as Martin Hoscik percipiently pointed out last year, that throwing vanity titles around like confetti confused people as to the structure, roles and responsibilities of your organisation, but really, two minutes with Google can’t hurt, can it, guys?  Tchah.

Oh, and note to tiresome trolls – this isn’t the BBC being biased or unethical, merely being crap at reporting on the website and indulging in churnalism, which is hardly unusual or unique to the BBC.

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