Boris tweets us to say Kulveer Ranger and he are going to Willesden Junction today for the official launch of the Class 378Capitalstar‘ trains for the London Overground network.  Let’s see how many of the following things are mentioned:

  • They were ordered in 2006
  • They were specified as having fewer seats than existing trains to speed loading times
  • They have the same interior ambience as a bendy bus
  • They’re horribly late owing to supply chain and manufacturing problems at Bombardier in Derby (also affecting lots of other projects)

On the other hand, I suspect the following will get mentioned:

  • They’ve got air conditioning

Actually, I’m rather looking forward to having a go on them, but it’s still aggravating that Boris gets to take credit for things he didn’t do and, moreover, would never have done in a million years.

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