Boris in a strangely missing press release salvaged from the Google Cache (and saved, in case of shenanigans):

Nine bendy buses running the Waterloo to Victoria route are the first to be replaced. The Mayor also announced that the entire fleet of 396 buses will have left the capital by the end of 2011, four years ahead of schedule.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “These writhing whales of the road have swung their hefty rear endsround our corners for the final time. Pedestrians that leapt, cyclists that skidded and drivers that dodged from the path of the 507 will breathe easier this weekend.

London Omnibus Traction Society News:

At the eleventh hour, just half-a-dozen Citaros (MEC class) arrived in time for the conversion from bendy-bus of route 507 – in conjunction with the addition of a 12-minute frequency on Sats and Suns requiring just four buses on each day.   It remains to be seen how soon the rest of the route’s weekday pvr requirement of 14 buses can be replaced.

Now, unless they’ve magically obtained another 9 buses over the last two days, they’ll be short for Monday (only four of the half-dozen are required for the weekend service).  Given the fact that Boris has nailed his cojones to getting all bendies off in the next 18 months, this isn’t exactly an auspicious start.  Any photos of bendies proved operating tomorrow will win a pint, within reason (i.e if I get 600 photos you may have to wait a few years).  It’s worth it to catch Boris in a direct fucking lie.

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