Andrew Gilligan, writing as kennite, ross281, etc., opined that the reason for his hatred of bendy buses was all about the seating capacity:

With only 2,009 seats available in the peak hour, as against 3,960 under the old Routemaster regime,the “new 73” was not better from every angle at all (PX, 2005, as himself)

And because the number of seats on a bendy is dramatically lower than on a Routemaster, peak-hour seating capacity has been reduced by nearly half. (CiF, 7/9/07 as kennite)

[O]n the 73, where the number of buses on the route fell by a quarter over the old RM days and peak-hour seats by half (ES 27/10/08 as himself)

You might have thought from this that the seating figures for the revised non-bendy 507 route would be of interest.  I append them for any Gilligans or alter egos who might be passing:

2002-2009 Nasty Old Ken Era 507

  • 9 buses
  • 18m per bus
  • 162m of bus on the road
  • 49 seats per bus
  • 100 standee places per bus (placarded, TfL capacity figures assume 71)
  • 441 seats in total
  • Standee/seated ratio 2.04:1

2009-2016 Cuddly New Boris Era 507

  • 15  buses
  • 12m per bus
  • 180m of bus on the road
  • 21 seats per bus
  • 76 standee places per bus (placarded, TfL capacity figures assume 49)
  • 315 seats in total
  • Standee/seated ratio 3.6:1


  • the number of seats has been reduced by 29% so you’ll get a seat less often if you’re a regular user
  • the amount of bus on the road has increased by 11%, 18m, or an entire bendy bus
  • the cost per year is £214k more than keeping the bendies
  • the inside has exactly the same ambience as the bendy
  • there’s no change to the open boarding procedure, so there’s no fare evasion decrease to offset the cost

Still think it’s a good idea, Andy?  Stupid question, really, it’s not like you can reason with fanatics.


* “Chatting to a well-placed industry source at the North Weald bus rally at the start of the month, he told us that plans are now being drawn-up to retain bendy-bus operation on two services in London, one route being the 436 (Paddington-Lewisham). It could be argued that now in office, Boris has seen just how ill-informed he’s been about the supposed horror on the streets that are the bendy buses, but has got himself in so deep he has no option other than to progress with their removal.”

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