A brief round up of online reaction to the 521 debendification over the weekend.  Notably less pro-Boris cheerleading this time round:

  • DJDarkside: Since when did they scrap the 521 bendy bus from London Bridge? These singleton ones are not cool.
  • jamiebarry: Well done Boris, replacing the 521 bendy bus with a single decker bus WITH HARDLY ANY SEATS!!
  • commutineer: Ominous sign! Half the space on new single decker 521 bus is standing only. No seats! Nice to know our comfort is considered important
  • sarah_clelland: No more bendy bus on the 521 route! Been replaced with an airport-type bus, ie one with hardly any seats in it!
  • AlexPearmain: Today was a sad, sad morning; first of the 521 Waterloo non-bendy bus era. The prince of buses is no more. Sniff
  • commutineer: @mayoroflondon – big queue for 521 bus at #Waterloo. only half managed to get on. we’d all have gotten on the bendy bus!
  • paulprentice: The 521 has lost its bendy buses, an ill-judged move motivated by ignorance of how public transport works

There’s also a review here:

Obviously, this is now a completely anecdotal piece of evidence, having used it just once so far this week, but it immediately strikes me that there aren’t very many seats on the new bus.

My favourite has to be the comparison with airport buses.  Oh, Boris, you are indeed thoroughly hoist with your own rhetorical petard on this one, son.

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