What’s missing in this list of Congestion Charge reports?

  • CC Impacts Monitoring First Annual Report (Jun 2003)
  • CC Impacts Monitoring Second Annual Report (Apr 2004)
  • CC Impacts Monitoring Third Annual Report (Apr 2005)
  • CC Impacts Monitoring Fourth Annual Report (Jun 2006)
  • CC Impacts Monitoring Fifth Annual Report (Jul 2007)
  • CC Impacts Monitoring Sixth Annual Report (Jul 2008)
  • ?

I can’t find the Seventh Annual Report, which given that the previous two came out in July is now getting on for three months overdue.  Since this would reflect a full year of Boris’s traffic smoothing policies, it would be rather interesting.  Perhaps they don’t want people reading disturbing things like this, from the Sixth Annual Report:

[I]f traffic levels in the western extension returned to those experienced before the introduction of charging, the congestion levels would be more severe than currently observed.

[It’s not just the CC Impacts Monitoring report that’s AWOL, I can’t find any recent bus reliability reports for the 507 and 521, either.  Is someone cutting back on the amount of information made available to the public by TfL?]

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