I must confess I was a bit staggered when I saw quite how much money was going into the Cycle Hire scheme – £82m at the last count, £41m of it in the first year.  It really has to be a success based on that, and I’m beginning to have my doubts.  First off there’s the lack of Oyster compatibility.  Then there’s the lack of facilities at terminal stations (although strangely parking your *own* bike seems to be sorted with the help of Boris’s cycling chum Lord Adonis).  Thirdly there’s the problem that given the location of the scheme it appears intended to abstract passengers from public transport rather than private cars.

Set against that the occasional rejection of a hire site is not really anything to get upset about – given the amount of money going in and the general economic and political climate there really isn’t much room for maneouvre on this one.  We’re not at home to Mr. Cockup.

Northofthethames has more:

There are a number of reasons why people are uncomfortable cycling and helpfully Transport for London have summarised them in their Cycling in London report. I’ll save you the job of reading it – you won’t find lack of a cycle hire scheme in there. It highlights clearly that the number one barrier to people cycling are safety concerns followed by a lack of parking and changing facilities, not the expense or availability of the bike itself. The hard data is backed up by what most people know anecdotally. There are bikes gathering dust in sheds and lofts across the UK. Not having access to a bike isn’t the main reason for not cycling.

Can’t add a lot to that, seems pretty fair to me.

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