Want to find out how much your bus or Tube fare has gone up? Don’t bother going to a Tube station ticket office or bus station to find out, then. Unbelievably, for the first time, TfL has not produced a printed guide to the new fares.

Two days ago I went to both Hammersmith Piccadilly & District line Tube station and Hammersmith bus station to ask about the guide to the new fares – there were plenty of 2009 fares guides but none for 2010, and they didn’t know if they would be getting any. Today I tried Kingston bus station; the member of staff in the information office told me that they had no 2010 guides but thought they would be getting some. The Kingston Tourist Information Office, however, told me that there would be no printed guide to the new fares – the staff there had to memorise the bus pass prices and had no printed matter to refer to for other fares.

Imagine going to a cinema box office, asking which films were showing and being told that they couldn’t tell you, you’d have to check their website? How about visiting a restaurant, asking to see the menu and being told that there wasn’t one, you’d have to look at the restaurant’s website to see what was on offer?

Not only is there no printed guide to the fares increases, there is no indication whatsoever at the point of sale (ie, on the bus) that the bus Oyster flat-fare and period bus passes have increased by 20%. Nor is there any publicity about the 20% rise on bus stops or in bus shelters.

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