Further to earlier, I’ve been catching up with the mammoth thread at London Reconnections, as well as poking around the National Rail journey planner.  From what we can gather, and subject to caveats about trusting anonymous commenters*:

  • Boris is going to pretend it was his idea from 10am at Dalston Junction
  • Boris and invited guests will travel to Shoreditch High Street
  • First public train is at 12:05 from Dalston Junction to New Cross
  • Following this the full trial service will operate, 15 minute intervals to both New Cross and New Cross Gate
  • The service is weekdays only from just before 6am with the last s/b trains arriving at 23:27 (New Cross Gate) and 23:35 (New Cross)

The National Rail enquiries page has trains showing from 05:55 northbound and 05:50 southbound on the 16th – presumably the half-service on Thursday was too hard, or something.  The Fact Compiler’s source suggests that Boris won’t be stinting on the PR for this:

It’s not every day a new Overground line opens…

At 10:00 this Thursday the Mayor of London, BoJo the Great, will re-open the extended East London line and travel by special train from Dalston Junction to Shoreditch High Street.

As BoJo will be acompanied by the great and the good of the Metrolpolis, as well as myriad hacks, the occasion is expected to be marked in some style.

City Hall organisers are optimistic that this can be achieved by tying former mayor Ken Livingstone across the newly laid tracks.

Given that Boris doesn’t do long visits or mix with the proletariat any more than he has to for image reasons, one hazards that the first train will be invited guests only sometime before the 12:05 for the rest of us.

* Those anonymous LR comments:

Have it on good authority that the first train will be Thursday 1205 ex-Dalston Jnc-NX, 1212 ex Dalston Jnc-NXG, 1210 ex-NXG, and 1218 ex-NX; and that Boris will be opening around 1000 somewhere with a couple of hour wait for the first pax train.

As part of the ongoing publicity campaign, a public event is planned on 15 April at Dalston Junction station to be attended by the Mayor, Peter Hendy Commissioner of Transport for London and other senior TfL officials. The preview services on the line will commence immediately after this event. Radio advertisements, posters and other publicity are also planned in the lead up to the launch of full services on 23 May.

Boris and Co. will ride a train from Dalston Junction to Shoreditch High Street station, for a ceremony there.  Presumably he will be interviewed on the train by the TV crews on the journey.

You reckon, huh?

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