While Einy Shah is in the news (recap: joined City Hall via the Lib Dems, moved to Boris’s reprieved Mayor’s Peer Outreach team, now seen in the front row at Tory events to show how putting dim obsessive 19 year olds in the public eye represents a commitment to the whole country, or something) here’s a taster of her contributions to political life in London, just in case she’s forced to delete them again.  The typos are genuine, by the way.  I blame Tony Blair:

  • ‘You’re half-witted, ill advised tosser…’
  • ‘I’m pretty sick of your empty threats’
  • ‘…demented half-witted, one-legged, no-sensed man’
  • ‘you keep trying wet the appatites of your loyal fan-base…’
  • ‘You’re middle aged – t’s all over for you’
  • ‘You need a fucking lfe’
  • ‘you really don’t have the intelligence to not associate me with anyone’
  • ‘You’re a cock’
  • ‘Oh, do fuck off and go get a proper job.’
  • ‘Your post will be futile, the big cheese likes me’

I wonder what big cheese she could mean?  Surely not the one who chose to hang around with Ray Lewis, Ian Clement, Andrew Gilligan and Darius Guppy?  I’d be a bit worried if that particular big cheese liked me.

The icing on the cake was this comment left here:

  • ‘If we weren’t in the middle of an election campaign, I’d give you one heck of an answer for this mind-blowingly, nonsensical, tedious post. I must restrain.’

She is only 19, of course, and I’m sure we should all make allowance for youth here.  After all, the MPOT page does say that the team can help if…

…you’d like talk to someone your own age rather than a grown-up.

Quite a lot of growing up left to do there, I think.

P.S. Apparently I shouldn’t tell you that Einy is working on Boris’s brother’s election campaign in Orpington.  So I’d better keep that quiet, although possibly not as quiet as the campaign has gone, according to the Standard.

Orpington hopeful Jo Johnson, another of the Tories’ many Old Etonian candidates and younger brother of Mayor Boris, has also gone to ground. “I’m planning on sticking with shoe leather and with the local media in Bromley,” he tells me in response to media requests.

Perhaps they just can’t get the staff?

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