An update on Boris and Jo Johnson’s colleague Einy Shah, flower of the Conservative Party’s future.  So far tonight while I’ve been blogging and listening to aeroplanes I’ve received the following advice from the dear child:

  • I’m considered by someone to be ‘a bit of a nutter’
  • which means I’m ‘a bit of of a cock’
  • and ‘the only bigger **** I know of is David McBride’ [who appears to be the Lib Dem candidate opposing Johnson in Orpington.  Must drop him an email]
  • [McBride is] almost as a big of a dickhead as you
  • and I’m ‘probably a lonely man living in a social housing estate in Hackney with his mother.’

while a not-particularly-innocent bystander was regaled with the following swiftly deleted tweet:

  • @Hayrr  Shut the fuck up, bastard prole

Well, bless.  Democracy is safe in the hands of the rising generation.

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