Sometimes following links back, apart from being good blog etiquette, turns up something new.  In this case something new about Boris’s expensive vanity bus:

Work is well underway on a wooden mock-up of the new design. Whilst I can’t release a picture taken from computer images ahead of the official launch, I’ve seen what it will look like.

  • a rear platform like the old Routemaster, but with doors that will close at night.
  • 2 staircases – one at the front and one at the rear
  • 3 sets of doors
  • a glass wrap around design
  • no externally defined driver’s cab

So it doesn’t look like a Routemaster from the front, has the engine at the other end, has one more staircase, three more doors, is longer, wider, has more seats, a wholly different drivetrain and an open platform that can be closed.

If it’s not a Routemaster, then, is it in fact any more than £11.4m spunked on a new suit of clothes for Wright’s Eclipse 2 HEV double decker plus an extra staircase and platform?

Given that the new Coalition Government’s transport priorities appear to be to suck up to the motorist and therefore presumably slash public transport spending (I reckon there’s no one in the ministerial appointments who could reasonably be expected to defend state subsidised bus design) the imminent invitation-only unveiling of the Borismaster might as well be a wake, if not for the bus then for whatever cuts are required elsewhere in TfL to pay for it while meeting Slasher Hammond’s requirements.

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