Boris’s real consultation to remove the WEZ and introduce higher rates and Autopay is currently ongoing, and you can contribute here.  While filling it in, fill yourself in on the progress of the move of the CC systems to IBM from Capita (announced in 2007 and completed last year), which was heralded a few months back as partially offsetting the loss in WEZ income by greater efficiency.  Well, that’s going well:

“The trouble is the website is designed by a two year old. It’s slow, it’s not user-friendly, it’s dreadful. I could do better myself,” said operations director at the car rental company, Bryan Thompson.

He suggested that IBM “should buy the old site from Capita” as there were “no problems” with the former system.

Thompson added: “Since IBM took over the auto pay system my life has been a misery.”

Well, that’s greater efficiency for you.  The serious point is that something as contentious as the Congestion Charge really needs to be run 100% professionally otherwise people who might otherwise support the principle lose faith in the execution, and are easy prey for the hard-core Clarkson tendency.  With the extension of Autopay to the much greater number of private drivers we really need assurance that Boris will back one of his few innovations with the resources.  So far we haven’t seen much evidence of this.

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