Apparently from midnight here.  Quite why the UK’s state broadcaster can’t show pictures of London’s state bus paid for by the UK taxpayers’ money as soon as it has them escapes me, but I’m sure TfL’s press office will have embargoed it for a good reason.  I’m *sure*.

Talking of dim PR, this dropped out of TfL’s corporate website the other day:

Passengers are now enjoying the benefits of track and station upgrades with the introduction of the final four-carriage trains in London Overground’s fleet of electric trains.

Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor’s transport adviser, said: ‘This is yet another example of the Mayor’s successful delivery of crucial investment in the transport infrastructure in this city*

Only it’s nothing of the sort, is it, Kulveer?  In fact, a moment’s research discovers that the original 152 car Class 378 order of 31st August 2006 included options up to 216 cars.  36 of the extras were then ordered on the 4th July 2007, 24 of which were to extend the initial three car trains to four cars in, er, 2010 (the final cars form 7 more four car units, ordered in April 2008).  It’s these that Kulveer Ranger is pretending to the world that Boris had anything to do with, rather than being contracted for delivery well before Boris even stood as a candidate.

It’s this kind of thing that causes one to lose faith in Kulveer Ranger as anything other than a twit in a fancy waistcoat.  But that’s just me being a mean old leftie, isn’t it?

Actually, has Boris *ever* ordered a rail vehicle?  Four trams in Croydon, I think, and even those are borrowed from Edinburgh.

* Actually, perhaps someone ought to have proof-read it:

Six trains per hour all day Camden Road to Willesden Junction with four trains per Richmond to Clapham Junction and two trains per hour Willesden Junction to Clapham Junction

Um, four trains per hour Richmond to Stratford, I think.  Richmond to Clapham Junction’s pretty well served already. Buck up, chaps.

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