The Greens at the London Assembly (and, for that matter, Labour and the Lib Dems. Actually, everyone except the Tories and Schrodinger’s Nazi*) are kicking off about the bizarre TfL-led (but Boris/Moylan/Ranger driven) plan to remove traffic lights from London’s streets.  When this first came out I mapped a few of them before running out of time, and found some peaches such as the one by the back door of an RBKC school (Marlborough Primary School on Sloane Street, number 12/000200).  It’s in the Western Extension Zone, to boot.

View War On Pedestrians in a larger map

Anyway, the new hippy huggy Evening Standard is covering the story today.  What’s notable is that it puts the stress on some of the councils involved saying ‘bugger off Boris’, due, unsurprisingly, to Danny Alexander’s Gideon Osborne’s lunatic obsession with cuts.  In other words, Boris is going to have to come up with something he hates – a business case – after all, he’s pledged to work with the boroughs, not rip out their infrastructure in the teeth of their opposition.

* You’re not sure if he is or not until you open the box. No one wants to open the box.

Update: Tory Troll covers the story here

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