Been a while since I’ve done one of these.  Been a while since I’ve done one of anything, but five murders in a few days over the last week plus Boris claiming that the murder rate was falling plus the (tardy) release of April’s crime figures spurred some action.

Basically, the data show that the fall in the murder rate since about 2004 has stopped, and if anything bounced back up a bit.  Nothing too serious, no epidemic of crime and nothing particularly to get worried about – London’s still one of the world’s safest large cities.  However, worth noting all the same.

  • 2008 – 142
  • 2009 – 124
  • 2010 – 119
  • 2011 – 46 so far, slightly up on the average to April

A graph or two – first the raw data overlaid with the 5 month moving average to iron out the spikiness a bit:

Raw plus 5 month ma for London homicide statisticsThen the 12 month data, showing that the all time low of 113 homicides in the previous 12 months was reached three times last year:

Rolling 12 month London homicide statistics to April 2011Finally the first graph, zoomed in on the Boris Era:

London Homicide statistics since Boris became MayorFinally, a top-five and bottom-five boroughs homicide running total since Boris took over:

Top Five:

  1. Lambeth 32
  2. Southwark       28
  3. Newham  26
  4. Tower Hamlets   26
  5. Lewisham        22

Bottom Five:

  1. Kensington & Chelsea    0
  2. Richmond upon Thames    0
  3. Kingston upon Thames    2
  4. Merton  2
  5. Havering        4

Yes, that’s 134 (35%) in the top five, 8 (2%) in the bottom five.  We’re not really one city on this one.

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