Having not found London Overground ridership figures in the normal quarterly reports, I’ve found them in the 5/5/2011 TfL Rail & Underground Panel minutes:

London Rail carried approximately 166 million passengers in 2010/11, an increase of 30 per cent on the previous year. Docklands Light Railway (DLR) carried 78 million (increase of 13 per cent), London Overground carried 60 million (increase of 82 per cent) and Tramlink carried 28 million (increase of 8 per cent).
This allows us to draw up a league table for 2010/11 using the quarterly reports for other modes:
  • Bus – 2288m
  • Tube – 1107m
  • DLR – 78.4m
  • Overground – 60m [ELL opened May 2010 and extended February 2011]
  • Trams – 28m
  • Cycle hire – 5m [July 2010-March 2011 only]
  • Riverboats – 4.1m

It’s a bus and tube system Boris is running, basically.

Update: the ELL opening can now be measured – the document says 17m journeys were made and contains a graph suggesting that for the last 12 weeks or so of the year (Feb-March basically) the ridership was fairly constant at 1.8m per four weeks which if kept up for the year would be 23m or so just for the East London Line.

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