New Year’s Eve again, how did that happen? Still, it’s the eve of London’s Olympic Year so the Mayor will surely be in the greatest city on Earth to watch his £1,900,000-worth of fireworks, won’t he? No, it seems he has better things to do. What ho, bound to see a few Bullingdon chums on the slopes in Italy, eh?

Of course, more-bang-for-your-buck Boris will have ensured that he’s brought down costs for the New Year’s Eve fireworks every year since he became Mayor. The 2009 NYE fireworks cost £1,625,000  and the  2010 NYE fireworks cost £1,800,000. Oh. Finger-on-the-pulse Boris doesn’t even have to authorise the expenditure himself since he delegated responsibility to Director of Marketing and 2012 Communications, Dan Ritterband. Nice to know that unelected Mayoral appointments have the authority to throw around millions of pounds at will, isn’t it?

Giving away the Mayor’s powers worked so well last time. So well that Boris did it again. Why waste time doing the job you were elected to do when you can delegate whatever you like to your Corporate Management Team?



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