So, Boris (well, Kit Malthouse) have finally grabbed the tiller of the Met, celebrating this great advance in democratic accountability by evicting some democracy protesters, as you do.

For their next trick, they’re holding a series of consultations, in outer London boroughs, at 9:30am, with very little publicity.  Lee Jasper went to the first in Croydon, and was predictably unimpressed, but Lee Jasper is not an unbiased source.  Neither am I, of course, and since the next one is in Hounslow on the 18th February, I’ve booked tickets?  Why not come along yourself and be part of what promises to be a select band?  After all, according the GLA website, there aren’t any others planned yet.

UPDATED: Martin from MayorWatch points out on Twitter that purdah rules probably prevent MOPC consultations continuing post-February, which serves to confirm that it’s pre-eminently a political rather than law-enforcement body.  What was that from 2009 about Boris and Kit’s naked aim of politicising the police? Oh.

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