Probably the most blatant Great Boris Lie (rather than his mouth writing a cheque he can’t cash, like with Blackwall) is the infamous claim from 2007 that:

They wipe out cyclists, there are many cyclists killed every year by them.

As was pointed out at the time (and tremendous belated kudos to Buffalo Bill for calling it well in advance and sticking with the story) the real figure was none by 2008 and a further none by the time the last bendy left in December 2011. During this period around 45 cyclists had died in accidents not involving bendy buses and London’s cycling activist community had come to the conclusion that Boris-led TfL is, at best, indifferent to cyclist safety and at worst implementing a policy of speeding up motor traffic directly at the expense of cyclists.  Boris’s reaction to this was to advocate cycling in a bold, no nonsense Boris-like manner through the various roundabouts, flyunders, gyratories and other death traps under his control.


That this sort of cycling is stressful and offputting and thus actively militates against his own ‘cycling revolution’ has apparently passed him by. It also rather begs the question why he had to spend millions getting rid of bendy buses and millions more introducing a cramped bespoke open boarding bus with a bored person standing around at the public’s expense when he could have just advised his legions of imaginary dead cyclists to man up and stop being pussies.  ‘I’ll do nothing about cyclist safety concerns unless they’re fictional’ appears to be the line.

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