Lycamobile, a London-based telecommunications company which specialises in overseas mobile telephone calls, paid no corporation tax between 2008 and 2010 and is so late in filing its accounts that Companies House marked it to be struck off.

The company has donated a total of £176, 180 to the Conservative Party in the last two quarters, making Lycamobile its third-largest donor in that period.

Curiously, the Guardian article which reveals these facts states that the company has recently considered donating to Ken Livingstone’s campaign (but has not donated) yet fails to mention that Lycamobile donated £16,000 to the GLA  [PDF] for Diwali 2009, an unspecified sum  [PDF] for Eid 2009, c£20,000  [PDF] for Vaisakhi 2010, £22,000  [PDF] for Diwali 2011, £22,000  [PDF] for Eid 2011 and c£22,000 [PDF]  for Vaisakhi 2011. Lycamobile also sponsored the GLA’s Eid and Diwali events in 2010 but the amount of sponsorship is not stated on the Mayor’s website; we can assume c£20,000 for each, to match the funding for Vaisakhi that year.

Not only has Lycamobile been a generous donor of its untaxed income to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson was the guest speaker at the company’s fifth birthday event. It is also possible that the company has donated space and phonelines to BackBoris2012 as the Johnson campaign’s Canary Wharf call centre shares an address with Lycamobile.

It’s not the first time that Boris Johnson has been associated with a company whose accounts, had the Mayor’s office bothered to check them, showed them to be unlikely to be a suitable business partner. Who can forget Boris Johnson’s proposed floating river park on the Thames, to be financed by the elusive Venus Group? Remember, Boris Johnson doesn’t do detail [PDF].



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