Boris Johnson has asked his ex-wife, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, to join his Muslim Engagement Task Force - whatever that may be. As a white, public-school-and-Oxford educated non-Muslim, Allegra’s obviously the ideal candidate. She is, however, married to a Muslim and claims that her name is now Allegra Dilshad Farha Raji Sheikha Jaan Khan Kali Gori. On Facebook, though, she chooses to call herself Allegra Mowen.

She bemoans the fact that her much-younger husband has not been to the place from which his family originally came:

my husband’s family all originate from Srinagar but are unlikely to ever see that exquisite place again. Even if I managed to get Majid some kind of diplomatic visa thru’ strings – and it is his dream to go there – he cannot afford to go there at this stage in his life because all his friends and acquaintances will then mistake him for a spy :-(

So, if anyone wants a dodgy diplomatic visa, you know where to go.



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