Yesterday, the Mayor of London said of the ineffectual air cooling system on his buses:

Well, I’m fully aware of the problem. I was told that we’d fixed it – the air conditioning on the route 24 that you’re talking about.

There are some teething problems with it, and all I can tell you is that I thought it had been fixed.

It if hasn’t been fixed, I know that our teams will be working on it night and day.

Today, we discover:

It’s not looking good, is it? If a brand new vehicle performs so badly that it causes passengers to become so unwell that they need medical attention, surely it is time to withdraw the whole batch and stop pretending there isn’t a problem? The vehicles are still breaking down, too:

Meanwhile, Mark Nodder, Chief Executive of manufacturer WrightBus, has dismissed the inherent design fault (which also affected the prototypes):

Describing the introduction of the buses as a “teething period” Mr Nodder said the hot weather had highlighted a few short-comings.

He said the problem has affected a small number of buses, between six and eight vehicles.

If the “problem” was only present on between six and eight (how many, Mr Nodder, six, seven, eight? How can you be so non-specific?) of the vehicles I do wonder why we are not hearing any reports of passengers saying how impressed they are by the amazing new air cooling on the New Bus For London and what a comfortable and pleasant experience it is to travel on them?

A round-up of reports from passengers who’ve been subjected to the appalling conditions inside the New Bus For London today:

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