10:45 this morning I was out on a 24 bus from Victoria towards Hampstead, armed with my trusty thermometer.

Today was rather cooler than of late, no more than 20ºC in central London this morning. The initial temperature on the upper deck of LT38 was 24.1ºC . By the time we reached Whitehall it was 29ºC and by Tottenham Court Road, 30.7ºC :


The air cooling had been on, blowing out cold air, as it had been on all the 24s I’ve travelled on. Not much sign of the air cooling being “fixed” on LT38.

Next, LT33, boarded at Bloomsbury Street towards Pimlico at 11:54am. This 24 felt much cooler, registering a maximum temperature of 23.9ºC before I alighted in Charing Cross Road:


Gridlock at Trafalgar Square as usual, so I just walked around and boarded LT36 at the traffic lights at 12:26 . Upstairs, 24.5ºC . Eight minutes later, we’d only reached Westminster Station so I decided to get off.

As I descended the rear stairs, a boarding passenger was attempting to climb them so he had to go down backwards and step out of my way. On a Routemaster, of course, there is a convex mirror at the curve of the stairs which enables passengers to see if others are attempting to climb or descend.

I waited at the same stop and boarded LT33 (again). Upstairs, the temperature reached 25.9ºC by the time I got off at New Scotland Yard.

The “fixed” air cooling would seem to be inconsistent by my experiences today.

Another passenger also experienced the same heat problem this afternoon:

Yesterday a passenger had a different experience:

In conclusion: inconsistent.

They’re still breaking down, too:

And how’s the “open platform” going?

I think we can expect more of this:

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