Prompted by Mayorwatch pointing out that the cable car’s first year usage data are being consigned to the memory hole, I’m here to help out.  I have the full data set on hand, enabling the following plots:

1) Weekly data since the start:


2) Week-on-week comparison to the equivalent week in the same period the following year:

CableCarYearOnYear3) Period graph (riders per period)

CableCarPeriodRidershipAll of which suggests that, as yet, there is no summertime boost from the warm weather, with numbers staying rather stubbornly at around 140-150k per period since April.  Next week, being the first week of school holidays, may see an upsurge but it’ll have to be a pretty beefy one to get anywhere near the early Olympic period figures.  This week a year ago 103,000 trips were taken on it, which is a lot of school kids.

This all explains why Boris is reduced to claiming that it’s the only form of transport to cover its costs (in six years, presumably using ‘special’ TfL maths), as if this can’t also be achieved in zero years by not actually building the thing in the first place.



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