Said the Mayor of London at the London Assembly Plenary on 24 July in response to Assembly Member Val Shawcross’s reference to his “fantastically hot and expensive” new bus:

The air conditioning, the air cooling problems, I should say, have been completely resolved, I’m told by TfL

Except, as users of the New Bus For London continue to testify after repeated claims that the air cooling is “fixed”:





Again, the nonsensical claim from TfL about a vehicle which operates with its back door wide open:

It’s still breaking down, too.

At least one today:

At least two yesterday:

Will Boris Johnson, TfL and WrightBus admit that their brand new, very expensive bespoke bus is a costly failure and stop pretending that they have “fixed” the air cooling?

No. They’re going to brazen it out. Their Orwellian PR machine believes that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes true.

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