London’s part-time Mayor and his entourage spent today at MIPIM, an international property show in Cannes.

Johnson gave a keynote address on housing in London.


He again repeated his assertion that the way to ensure young Londoners can afford to buy or rent in the city is merely to build more unaffordable properties:

Increase supply. That is the answer to the house price crisis that our city faces. That is the answer to the problems of young Londoners.

There, problem solved. Easy, wasn’t it?

He then went on to reel off a list of proposed London infrastrucure projects, including:

We’re doing all kinds of beautiful things across the ciddee and later this year we will go in for planning permission for a [sic] absolutely beautiful, stunningly beautiful project. A new garden bridge.

I don’t quite know what the point of this thing is, but it will be…actually no, it will transform the Aldwych area, on the north bank of the river, completely transform that dead area of town, and it will create a wonderful new park for Londoners, full of bosky nooks and bowery corners where everybody will go, have a crafty cigarette and look out over the Thames and enjoy themselves and it will be a wonderful new amenity for the city.

Transport for London is part-funding this white elephant to the tune of £30m.

Since when has London’s transport authority been in the business of funding public parks which even its own Chairman can’t see the point of?

Londoners may, understandably, increasingly be of the opinion that they can’t see the point of Boris Johnson.

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