Boris Johnson is asking the Home Secretary to approve his purchase of three water cannon for the Metropolitan Police, ignoring the fact that they can cause serious injury, a poll which found that 36% of those questioned were so ignorant that they believed that the Met already had water cannon and a petition of over 30,000 signatures objecting to the plans.

Oh, and he hasn’t even bothered to read the report of the London Assembly’s own Police and Crime Committee, Water Cannon – Why The Met’s Case Doesn’t Wash [PDF].

Why has the Mayor not read the report? Anything to do with the fact that the most important paid employment in his portfolio over the last year or so has been writing a book about Winston Churchill?

Chartwell, the Kent family home of Winston Churchill, received a visit from Boris Johnson yesterday:

London’s Mayor, who claims he always works at City Hall on Fridays, evidently found something more important to do during working hours yesterday.

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